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Let's go on a journey to transform burnout into balance. 

Join me for private coaching  or a team adventure for companies and communities. 

Wellness in the Workplace

Your health & wellness is big business. 

Go on a journey of personal transformation and promote work-life balance with Kelly’s signature seminar series and movement classes within the workplace. 

Available in person and virtually. 

How it works

Choose a Guided Solo Journey or team adventure

The coaching curriculum can be set for an individual looking for a personalized experience or a group adventure within the workplace through experiential seminars. 


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Adventure Awaits!

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The greatest adventure is to Live what's in your heart

Experience health and healing in the form of an adventure.

Kelly served as the resident trainer for JR286, the manufacturing division of Nike for over 3 years. She has taught at Hulu in Los Angeles, conducted a 12 week seminar series for ZEFR, and was a fitness specialist at the legendary Golden Door Resort & Spa. 

Through her education, over 15 years of experience, her own healing and health journey, and love for nature and adventure, Kelly has designed a coaching curriculum for individuals and seminar series for the workplace that promotes work-life balance, health, vitality, mindfulness, and a renewed sense of purpose and confidence. 


Burnt Out...

Not Inspired...


Let's Talk!

You experience fatigue, frequent irritability, or get sick often

Loss of interest or creative spark

Seeking guidance and a new adventure or renewed sense of enthusiasm

The results


Wake up feeling energized and Inspired.

Decrease aches and pains, Lose excess weight, and feel good in your body.

Learn new exercises, skills, and practices to keep your brain & Body healthy & promote longevity

Feel supported, Connected & part of something bigger than yourself.

Heal. Grow. Evolve. Shine your light. Pass it on. 

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- Jillian

“With her help I lost 30 lbs, gained my confidence back, and found a better relationship with food.”



"Kelly has in depth knowledge of mindfulness, meditation, movement, and nutrition; a rare combination. She tailors each session according to my needs in that moment, always showing an abundance of compassion. Her guided visualizations always inspire me. She has a way of describing how to move that makes it feel so natural for beginners. She embodies what she teaches with sincerity and love. Working with her has changed my life!”

Danielle & Matt

Everything is personalized to fit your capabilities, shortcomings and strengths. Kelly's knowledge goes beyond exercise and encompasses physiology, spirituality and nutrition. We could not recommend anyone higher.”

Let's make waves


"Kelly is a committed, talented, passionate, and amazing instructor, and overall excellent individual...I highly recommend her practice. 

“Kelly  is fantastic. She is extremely knowledgeable, experienced and enthusiastic to a persons individual needs. She brings a personal warmth and concern that is always genuine. Her passion for what she does is evident in her concern for her clients health and wellbeing. She provides a unique and truly personal approach. I can truly say that my life has changed since working with her.”

- Gary, Elite Golfer

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- Robin

“Having to check in with Kelly every week makes it easy to stay on track with my goals and ultimately being able to reach them. The dramatic changes I’ve seen and felt are amazing and I only have Kelly to thank.”

Your Best Day Ever...Everyday

The Daily Tracker

The Daily Tracker is a journal to help you stay on track with your fitness and wellness goals. Craft your morning ritual, log your workouts and nutrition, and boost your spirit with daily affirmations and gratitude. 

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